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In Need of a High-Quality, Affordable iPad Repair? Then Come this Way!

by iCrack Store 01 Mar 2021

Apple iPads have been extremely popular around the world since they were released onto the market back in 2010 and anyone who’s ever bought one will know that they cost a pretty penny. So when they break, you need the peace of mind of knowing that the person carrying out your iPad repair is going to fix the issue properly and in a way that won’t need re-fixing a month or two down the line.

You could, of course, go directly to Apple and whilst this is a route that guarantees the person conducting your iPad repair knows what they’re doing, what isn’t guaranteed is a) how long it’s going to take and b) how much it’s going to cost you. Apple state on their website that repairs they carry out can take 6-8 days to be returned, which is much longer than most people want to wait.

Speedy iPad Repair

One thing you’re sure of when you use iCrack for your iPad repair is that you’re not going to be left waiting around. Whether you use our drop-in service, our mail-in service or our call out service, we’ll do our very best to get your device back to as soon as we can. The longest you’ll ever have to wait is 2-3 days, which is the time it takes you to mail your device to us, for us to fix it and then return it to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Affordable Repair

We know that the iPad repair prices we offer are amongst the best on the market and we’re very transparent about what we charge. When you book your iPad in with us on our site, the exact cost of the precise job you need doing is clearly marked and agreed before you send your device to us. You’ll never have to worry about facing an unexpectedly high repair bill unless we find another issue that affects the repair that wasn’t stated when you booked it in. Even then, we’d contact you to find out how you’d like to proceed and send it back to you unfixed for free if required.

High-Quality iPad Repair

The iCrack iPad repair team are an experienced bunch and there isn’t much they haven’t seen before. If it’s fixable, you can bet that they’re the ones that can fix it and we stand behind the high stand of work we produce. We even put our money where our mouth is by offering a 12-month parts and labour on every repair we carry out. That’s the kind of peace of mind we think that everyone deserves.

Like to Know More?

If you like the sound of what you’ve read so far and you’d like to find out more about how our high-quality, affordable iPad repair service works, then you should visit us online at, where you’ll find out everything you need to know and more.

If after looking through, you still have unanswered questions, we encourage you to call our friendly, expert team on 020 7998 9338 between 9 am and 6 pm Monday-Saturday or email us at at all other times. They’re ready and waiting to help in any way they can.

So, if you’re in need of a fast, convenient, affordable and high-quality iPad repair, come and talk to our team and let us take all the pain out of the process.

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