iPad Repair Services for Schools

The iPad can be an important teaching device for children, which is why so many school systems are using them today. The advantage to using the iPad is that it helps kids to enjoy learning and some skills can more readily be taught on the device than from a book. The disadvantage is that Apple’s tablet is expensive and fragile, especially in the hands of children who are not always careful with their “toys.” If you’re an teacher who works with kids and iPads, that means you need a reliable, reasonably priced repair service for those little accidents or other tablet problems.

iCrack has become the preferred source for iPad repairs and has been chosen by schools all over the UK because of reliable service, affordable pricing and 24-hour-turnaround. When your school has invested thousands in technology, you need service that you can trust and that’s just what you’ll get from iCrack iPad repair for schools.

Insurance companies charge schools at least £49 per year for each iPad covered so those fees can add up, especially considering that most policies also have a excess fees of up to £100. Choosing iCrack to repair and service your school’s iPads could save you money as well as down time.

Since the device can easily be dropped, one common problem for the iPad is a cracked screen. The skilled technicians at iCrack can quickly replace a cracked screen on any model iPad using quality parts that will last. Whether the iPad needs a simple screen repair or replacement of the LCD, iCrack can diagnose your problem and return the tablet looking and running like new.

Another common problem with the iPad is a malfunction of the lightning connector or dock. If an iPad refuses to charge or sync with the computer, this could be the cause but the experts at iCrack can replace the lightning connector/dock quickly at a low cost to you.

Even if you have no idea exactly what your students did to their cause their tabs to stop working, the technicians at iCrack’s iPad repair for schools can examine your devices and give you a free estimate on the work needed within 24 hours. Whether your tablets require a simple battery replacement or more complicated repairs, iCrack can keep all of your iPads in great working order.

At iCrack’s iPad repair for schools service, all work will be done with brand new, high quality parts so your devices will be returned in like-new condition. Your satisfaction is guaranteed because all repairs come with a 1 Year warranty and 30-day refund policy.

Whatever damage your students manage to do to their iPads, you can rely on iCrack to provide prompt, trustworthy service.

At iCrack, you can choose the payment method most convenient for your school, whether it’s by purchase order, bacs or credit card. Just go to www.iCrack.co.uk or call 020 7998 9338 9 a.m. to 6 p.m, Monday through Friday.